The Ontario Craft Beer Guide

Written with Co-Author Jordan St. John (noted historian, writer, herbal remedy, and wealthy man about town), The Ontario Craft Beer Guide is a resource that covers all of the breweries in the provinces up to November 2015. Included are short biographies of each brewery, expert ratings on about 780 beers, and a crash course in Ontario’s beer landscape that covers the history of beer in Ontario as well as the current retail structure (such as it is).

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide is available now in all good book stores. Really, wherever good books are sold. You should get a copy. Also, if you buy it right from Dundurn Publishing’s site and use the code ONCRAFT, you get 25% off!

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What Folks Are Saying About It

“Anyone who drinks beer in Ontario owes LeBlanc and St. John a pint for completing the arduous (no, really) job of cataloguing and rating many hundreds of brands, resulting in a thorough, authoritative and fascinating list”Adam McDowell, The National Post

“Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John have done an admirable job of profiling Ontario’s dynamic and expanding beer industry.” – David Ort, Food Bloggers of Canada

“In addition to acting as an invaluable resource, it will be poured over, debated over beers, and scrutinized by beer geeks like cigar-chomping bookies analyzing a track form. We know these horses, we have our own opinions and insight on their jockeys, and we all have our predictions about which will win, place, or show (and which ones really already ought to have been retired to the glue factory).” – Ben Johnson, Ben’s Beer Blog

“While I do my best to steer readers in the right direction, Ontario beer drinkers owe a debt of gratitude to Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc, authors of the recently published Ontario Craft Beer Guide”Josh Rubin, The Toronto Star

“…with this level of detail I can transpose my palate to their recommendations and still trust their recommendations. Trust. That’s it. I can trust a book like this. So can you. Mainly because I don’t need to trust it. It’s so reliable. It’s got facts. It’s full of facts. Facts about good beer are actually really hard to find. You want facts about good beer in Ontario? Here you go.”Alan McLeod, A Good Beer Blog

“The book comes in a nice hand-held format and lists everything in alphabetical order, with ratings for most of the breweries’ signature selections. I started ticking off the brews that I’ve tried, and I’ve learned that I have a lot of beer to discover.” – Ross Brown, Beer O’Clock