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Adventures in Homebrewing: A Thank You

Reader and good friend from New York Mike Millan, out of the kindness of his heart and general awesome demeanor,  surprised me by ordering a Bavarian Hefeweizan ingredient kit and sending it over to me! Thank you so much, Mike!

I’ll be brewing it up when I get my new pot in, which I’ll be ordering at the end of the week. In the meantime I’m pondering what I can do to this recipe to give it a bit of a kick. I’m thinking so far of adding blueberries in to it. Or maybe something else. So many possibilities!

Thank you very much, Mike. ūüôā


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I Got a Rock

Happy Halloween from The Thirsty Wench. ¬†Tonight I’ll be watching something scary and cracking open some of my Pumpkin homebrew called Pumpkin Patch Panic.

(The AMAZING label done by Robert Burrows)

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The Coaster & The Pumpkin

Just wanted to mention two personal bits of awesomeness here.

Firstly, look at this AMAZING custom beer coaster that the incredibly talented Mike Rooth did for me! ¬†The man knows I love my Ghostbusters and this is just…wow. ¬†And I’ve been told that the cool thing is that it was drawn with waterproof ink so it could actually be used as a beer coaster!

Wow. ¬†That is…that is just awesome.

Second bit of news is that last week I brewed my fourth beer ever and I have a feeling that this will be the best one yet. ¬†Won’t reveal much until the label is done and it’s bottled, but it involved doing this:

And that’s all from me, my little saplings. ¬†To my Canadian friends, have a Happy Thanksgiving. To My international friends, Happy October. ¬†And to my NYC friends, enjoy NYCC, you bastards.

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