The Coaster & The Pumpkin


Just wanted to mention two personal bits of awesomeness here.

Firstly, look at this AMAZING custom beer coaster that the incredibly talented Mike Rooth did for me!  The man knows I love my Ghostbusters and this is just…wow.  And I’ve been told that the cool thing is that it was drawn with waterproof ink so it could actually be used as a beer coaster!

Wow.  That is…that is just awesome.

Second bit of news is that last week I brewed my fourth beer ever and I have a feeling that this will be the best one yet.  Won’t reveal much until the label is done and it’s bottled, but it involved doing this:

And that’s all from me, my little saplings.  To my Canadian friends, have a Happy Thanksgiving. To My international friends, Happy October.  And to my NYC friends, enjoy NYCC, you bastards.

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