Wish List: Abstrakt Beer


My friend and fellow beer/metal enthusiast Alastair messaged me to tell me his brew plans for Friday night and linked me to this little beauty:

That’s right.  It’s a Belgian Imperial Stout aged on toasted coconut and cacao.  Created by the bloody GENIUSES at BrewDog as part of a concept series they are putting out in which they say:

  • Abstrakt is a new type of beer brand, we will only ever brew and release a beer once
  • Abstrakt will release a very small number of limited edition batches per year
  • More art than beer, Abstrakt will brew directional, boundary pushing beers: blurring distinctions and transcending categories
  • All Abstrakt beers are bottle-conditioned, individually numbered and known only by their release code, e.g. AB:01
Isn’t that wonderful? The bottles are expensive, but apparently well worth the price.  Hopefully I’ll be able to gather enough cash to get one before the series is out.  Their current release is a Triple Dry Hopped Imperial Black IPA which sounds like EXACTLY my sort of beer, but alas, money.  And I’m not sure if the beers ship internationally or not, so there’s also a problem.  If they do I might need to enlist the help of some of my fellow beer-lovers…

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  1. Magnulus says:

    Mmmm, sounds delicious! But also insanely expensive at my current budget. Some of this is exactly the kind of stuff I want to do with my home brews, though. Like, coconut and cacao infusions and such. I also really want to try to make a coffee beer, though I suspect that might be a fool’s errand.

    1. Robin says:

      Magnulus, that’s the kind of stuff you should be doing with your brew! One of the things I’ve found really interesting getting in to this is that whatever ingredient you can think of, chances are someone has made a beer with it as can be seen with Oyster stout, chocolate chili porter, lavender lager and others. Hell, I’m making a chocolate ginger beer at some point when I can afford it).

      And making a coffee beer is easy as hell. Either pour a cold pot in to the secondary fermenter or if you’re just using one fermenter, put a fresh pot in when you’re boiling everything up. Just make sure you’ve got the right measurement for your taste and you’re good!

      Check out homebrewtalk.com. It’s an excellent resource for that type of thing. 🙂

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