Cooking With Beer: Beer Pizza Dough


So when I first heard that beer can be used for pizza dough I got a little excited.  The source that first told me said that it could be used as a substitute for yeast and water.

Since then, a few have mentioned that only unfiltered beer (beer that still has active yeasts in the bottles) can be used to substitute the yeast while others have said it works just fine without.  Me, I don’t really care.  I just want to make a good pizza.

So with that, I submit to you this recipe found on Restless Chipotle that is both simple and covers the base by essentially saying “go with whatever beer you want, just in case we’re still adding yeast to it”.   It looks easy to make and, judging by how she describes the end product (“One thing I noticed with this is that the dough bubbled up soon after kneading. The baked dough had a lot of air bubbles in it, too. “), makes it sound like a tasty one.

This has me wondering what some nice Belgian ales would taste like.  Or an IPA.  I’ll give it a try hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

And here it is: BEER PIZZA DOUGH

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