Google+ Beer Workshops

YES, this has to do with the topic of this blog and NO, I’m not going to add to the pile of “How Google+ should be used” posts that already have been sprouting like weeds.  This is just an idea that I was pondering that could have some legs.

So yes, Google+ is here and for the moment, it’s growing prety steadily.  I have an account and the list of people in my “circles” is growing and growing.  I won’t lie, I’m finding it interesting.  Combining elements of both twitter and facebook to create some kind of hybrid where you can communicate with multiple people of your choice.  I’m in love with the concept of “hangouts”, where you can talk to multiple people within your circles on a web cam.

So naturally, considering the international readership I have on this blog and within that account, the mind went somewhere.  BEER WORKSHOPS.

Here’s what I wrote in a public post on Google+

Here’s what we do. We choose an agreed upon style for this particular meet. We try our best to get one bottle of the same brand and one completely different (since we’d all be in different areas). We start a Hangout, sit down, I’ll talk a bit about the style, we’ll try the agreed upon brand first and discuss the finer and lesser point of it. Then we crack open our different bottles and go around the circle (as it were) and each talk about the beer we picked and its finer and lesser points.

Does that sounds good? Would anyone be interested in that?

And that’s it.  This way, we learn about the style, talk about a common beer and learn something about a beer that’s not available in our areas.  Considering that so far people that are interested are from places like Iceland, the UK, Finland and of course the US…this could be really fun.

So that’s me just putting an idea out there.  By no means am I telling you to follow me and do it.  It’s just a fun use for this new Social Media Thing.

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