Wish List: The Brooklyn Box Set

Today the Brooklyn Brewery just announced the release of the Brooklyn Box Set, which, at $80 includes a copy of the large and detailed book The Oxford Companion to Beer and a 750ml bottle of the Brewmaster’s Reserve “wheat wine” called “The Companion” (Take a moment to make a few Doctor Who jokes now if you wish).

The book alone is a must-have, but I’m really eager to try The Companion.  Especially while reading the book.  Description below:

“With 160 experts covering more than 1,100 subjects, The Oxford Companion to Beer is the most comprehensive book to yet be published on the subject. To accompany the book, Garrett Oliver (Editor-in-Chief), Horst Dornbusch (Associate Editor) and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann (writer and master maltster) brewed our current Brewmaster’s Reserve beer, called The Companion Ale. Made with 55% new floor malts from Weyermann Maltings, The Companion is brewed in an old style called “wheat wine”, a wheat-based equivalent to barley wine. The floor malts give this beer a juicy malt character of considerable depth, 55% malted wheat gives it a surprising lightness on the palate, while our house ale yeast lends a gentle fruitiness.”

But there’s some sadness to it, folks. Currently the Brooklyn Box Set is ONLY available at the retail store in their brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  So you folks in other states/countries (like me) are out of luck.

But still, that is one beauty of a product.  If any of you are in the area it’d be wise to pick that up.

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