Who Am I & What Do I Think I’m Doing?

Just thought I’d post a little reminder on what the hell this site is and who I am spouting all this stuff.

My name is Robin LeBlanc.  By day (and let’s face it, most of the night) I am a mild-mannered Publicity Assistant and freelance Photographer. I live in Toronto with a bastard cat and a few people and enjoy things like Star Trek, boxing, comics and a wide-range of music from 1920s Hot String Jazz to a bunch of Angry Japanese men screaming while banging things.

But that’s not important to this blog, totally.  The big thing is that I really like beer. It wasn’t always this way.  Many years ago I loved wine and was getting to be quite a snob about it.  But then someone gave me a Trappist beer and it all just spiraled out of control.  I picked up some books, talked to some brewers and other beer bloggers, even started making my OWN beer and I found that I was really getting passionate about it.  I figured that I should set up a blog to dump the stuff that I’ve learned in the past as well as what I continue to learn (the beer world really is a deep rabbit hole of wonder).  So here I am.

I live in Ontario, Canada, which has incredibly stupid laws regarding beer and is sort of going through an interesting phase, as people are realizing that there is more to beer than lagers and cream ale.  Small breweries are popping up all over the place and getting a little wild and experimental.  For you Yankees out there, here’s some perspective:  I’ve been told by about twenty people, brewers, bloggers and pub owners alike, that Ontario, if not all of Canada, right now is going through the same thing that the US did with craft beer in 1985-1990.  Needless to say, it’s interesting being on the ground floor when all this is going on and the next five years here are going to be pretty damn interesting.

And oh, yes.  I’m a woman.  If you think that’s weird at all I suggest you look up some of the history of beer and see who primarily made it.  Also stay tuned as I plan on talking a bit in a post about women in the beer industry.

So, yes.  If you want to read me learning about beer and letting out what I know without getting industry gossip heavy (“My GOD, did you HEAR what Joel said about the grain mills he goes to? GASP! And the seasonal Doppelbock is only two weeks away! SCANDAL!” Ugh), then this is the place for you.  My posting is slightly erratic, but I’m trying my best to bang a post out at least once a week.

If you’re new to this site and don’t know where to begin, I suggest the Gateway Beers category and then go on exploring from there.

Also, if you like what I do and would like to help, please consider making a donation at the Tip Jar, as beer costs money and I don’t make too much.

Some other info:

My e-mail: robin@therobinleblanc.com

Twitter: @TheThirstyWench (links to new posts on this site)

Personal Twitter: @oldhat (BEWARE: I talk a lot of nonsense.)

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