Session 99


I made it out for the first session at Session 99 Craft Beer Festival, the grand event that capped off Ontario Craft Beer Week. Many breweries came out with some amazing one-offs and drinks I’ve never tried before. Spearhead, Sawdust City Brewery and Bellwoods Brewery were by far my favourite breweries of the day. Spearhead with their new Moroccan Brown Ale with hints of dates and figs, Sawdust City with thier ‘Ol Woody Alt and Cock Puncher IPA and Bellwoods with the Sharkwitch IIPA. But really, other breweries that were there, Amsterdam, Black Oak, Flying Monkeys, Junction Craft, Hogsback, Hogtown, Kensington Brewing Co…everyone was a star here with so many amazing brews to choose from.

It was spaced out nicely, had plenty of delicious food on hand and it was just a fun place to meet new people and talk about the beer we were drinking.

But jeez, those collaboration and one-off beers…unforgettable. Daily Bread, a light Belgian Style ale by Black Oak, Cheshire Valley and Sawdust City in particular really stood out for me.

A wonderful time. Can’t wait until next year.

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  1. Kyla says:

    The photo is particularly stunning. My deepest admirations.

    1. Robin says:

      Thanks, Kyla!

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