Settling In

Sorry for the lack of updates on here, folks. My dayjob office moved house so packing up/throwing out nearly 20 years worth of stuff along with helping the boss with the transition of working solo has been taking up…well, ALL of my freakin’ time. Well, that and looking for new work.

So just settling in to things here and focusing on some long neglected freelance work along with some things I haven’t had time for (gardening, paying bills, getting more than two hours sleep know, the FRIVOLOUSĀ things) and brand new Thirsty Wench posts will be dropping soon. I have lots of stuff to talk about, including beer pairing dinners/lunches, my trip to Regina, growing hops and small batch homebrewing!

Don’t worry, my darlings. I haven’t forgotten about you.

For now here is Patton Oswalt’s submission for what Star Wars Episode VII should be.


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