2014! New Sights! New Sounds! New Beers!

Argh. Yes. Hello! Hi! Hi. Happy 2014! A brand new year with glorious, nearly infinite possibilities!

My holidays were pretty wonderful. Spent them all at the family cottage in Muskoka with only mobile internet for basic e-mail/social media needs and that was it. I ate a lot of food, consumed a lot of tea, started reading a biography on Nikola Tesla, and watched a lot of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Justified, and The Borgias.

Before we get to the posts coming up, I just wanted to let you folks know what I’ll be up to on here for the next little while.

2013 was an incredible year for my little site and 2014 is aiming to be even better. Starting with more reviews coming up along with some special feature articles. I won’t say much now, but I have another label artist feature coming up along with a few other, hopefully insightful, posts. You folks have been blessing me by visiting here and providing excellent comments and conversation. To show my gratitude, I’m going to keep providing you all with some good reading.

And now, with my day job work sorted out, let’s start 2014

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