CURRENTLY DRINKING: Three Beligian Beers

So Three Belgians walk in to a bar…

Found myself on a weekend having an all-Belgian cast and thought I’d write about these darlings.

Two I’ve had before, Delirium Tremens and Westmalle Tripel. The third though, Palm, has always been under my radar a bit. I’ve seen it around, but haven’t had a chance to pick it up.

Belgian beers hold a really special place in my heart. With the Belgian yeasts that give the beer a wonder fruity aroma and taste along with, in some cases, the Candi Sugar adding a fantastic depth to the taste, some mighty fine beers have been made by the good people of Belgium. It’s safe to say that Belgian-style is one of my top types of beer.


From Palm Brewery and known as “Belgium’s Amber Beer”. Palm is one of those beers that I’ve seen around the liquor store a lot, but never really got around to picking it up. After some research, it was interesting to know that the brewery had a pretty fun history and that Michael Jackson (no, not that one. This one is THE top beer journalist) had some wonderful praise for it. So I decided to give it a shot.

COLOUR: A nice amber-like honey colour.

AROMA: A bit subtle, but definitely hints of honey with some nice fruity notes.  Kind of an edginess to the aroma that I can’t quite pinpoint.

TASTE:  Kind of syrupy mouthfeel and pretty sweet! Citrus, dried fruit and honey taste make a good appearance and then everything is wrapped rather nicely with a light bitter finish.

VERDICT: I think this is a pretty good introduction beer to the Belgian style. It showcases what the style is capable off without going full hog and intimidating newer drinkers. To be honest, if I was putting on a party (or gathering, or box social) I would consider picking up this beer as the “help yourself” beer.


From Huyghe Brewery in Belgium. I’ve always been in love with this drink. From the dark humor of its name (Delirium Tremens is a pretty serious form of alcohol withdrawal) to the little pink elephants on their glasses (also going the dark humor route).

COLOUR:  Golden yellow with a beautiful white head. Carbonation works out especially good if had with a snifter glass (which is ADORABLE AND HAS PINK ELEPHANTS).

AROMA: Light citrus notes, cloves. A sliiiiight hint of Bananas and Peaches. Very plesasant.

TASTE: Still light citrus notes, but the sweetness from the sugars and belgian yeasts are kicking in. A nice, almost honey feel to it. Alcohol content is creating a bit of a tang. Pretty refreshing drink.

VERDICT: This beer is one that definitely becomes the star on the patio. Very refreshing. Just don’t have too many.


I’ve mentioned this beer before in some detail on my post on Trappist beers, but thought I’d do something of a proper review, since the LCBO decided to stock this wonderful beer. From the Westmalle Brewery located in the Abbey of Westmalle. This beer did indeed make me weep with joy and even my mother, who enjoys just sipping the beers I have was suddenly turned into a convert of the “beer is wonderful and complex” way of thinking.

COLOUR: Cloudy straw yellow colour.

AROMA: Sweet. Lemon, orange and various spices. Very soothing

TASTE: You know, in the Trappist post I mentioned that the taste always left me dumbstruck because I just couldn’t describe it. Light mouthfeel with a LOT going on. Citrus, Bananas, spices, cloves…it’s all just hitting you at once. Working together like a choir. Just wonderful.

VERDICT: Sorry, I have something in my eye…


And that’s it for now! Stay tuned this week and next since, due to sickness and travel preparations, I have a few backlogged posts on the way.

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  1. al crowe says:

    the phrase ‘box social’ should be used more often….

    1. Robin says:

      I KNOW, RIGHT?

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