Beardy Beer

Some interesting news hit the internets in the past little bit. Oregon’s brilliant Rogue Brewery, home to such favourites as Dead Guy Ale and Chipolte Ale, decided to take things in a different direction when they were trying to extract a new yeast strain from their hop yard with little success. Brewmaster John Maier jokingly suggested to look in to his 30+ year old beard for any fermentable yeasts that may have found it’s way in there. And sure enough, they found some and the beer is being made. Should be out some time next year.

There’s definitely a split of people here. One half think it’s disgusting and will never try it, others are intrigued and want to drink it. I’m definitely a part of the latter group and think it’s a fantastic idea. Fermentable yeasts can be found from many places and a beard is a great place to catch it. And no, I don’t think it’s disgusting. And what the hell, I will promise for you all that if I somehow get a hold of a bottle of this beer, I will drink it wearing a fake beard a friend gave me. Photos may happen.

Now a conceptual artist who wanted to brew beer partially with the yeast extracted from her vagina, now that’s pretty gross. And that she wanted to mix it with just plain ‘ol brewer’s yeast annoys me too.

You’re welcome for that.

Also, facial hair/beer related, have you heard of the CRAFT BEERDS book? I originally found out about this on Kickstarter but now you can preorder the book (which comes out in December). A showcase of wonderful craft beers label art featuring the best examples of fine facial hair. Check it out. For $20 I’ll be picking it up for a chuckle.

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  1. Thirstyboys says:

    wish i saw this yesterday

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