Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Call Out for Contributors

Most people have one. A favourite bar. It can either be a local pub or somewhere a bit out of the way but you always find yourself there if the choice is yours. The staff know you by name because you’ve been going there for years either regularly or on and off and, depending on how crowded the place is, they can even guess what you’re about to order or suggest a drink that matches what you normally have. You may run in to some friends there or even some other regulars, but most of all you just feel at home at this place. Like you can truly wind down and feel comfortable. Some people can consider it a haven from the world but mostly it’s a place to relax.

Ambience is important to me for pubs. I like my pubs spacious and comfortable, not too crowded, a reasonable volume so I can listen to whatever person I’m with, and to not feel like just another customer by the staff. More personal preferences include reasonable light (dark but not too dark so I can’t read), good selection with a few rotating taps to keep things interesting and not being constantly hassled if I don’t want to be.

One of the greatest things about starting up this site and loving craft beer as much as I do is the people I meet who always have a beer reccomendation and talk about their favourite bar. From Chicago to Helsinki, Edinburgh to Tokyo, I’ve heard about a lot of great places that are much loved by the person telling me about them.

This is where you folks come in.

I want to run a sort of ongoing series here on the site where I put up a post written by a contributor where you tell me about your favourite place. To make things a bit easy you can either talk about your favourite local place or favourite place in general. Tell me about the place, what you like about it, maybe how you found it and what you like to order there. If you can include a picture that would also be a bonus.

All you have to do is e-mail me at robin@thethirstywench.com with the following:

1. TELL ME ABOUT YOU. Name, what you do, web site if you have one.





And that’s it. Like I said, I would also appreciate a picture, but I can probably hunt one down if you can’t provide.

That e-mail again is robin@thethirstywench.com

Let’s see if we can get a really good list of places to have a drink around the world!

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