Where Everybody Knows Your Name – The Old Toad

Since putting the call out for write-ups of your favourite pub, I’ve received several e-mails filled with interesting stories and places. Think I’ve reached a point where I can start trickling a few out at a time, but please, if you want to contribute go to this post and e-mail me at robin@thethirstywench.com

First post is from Fawndolyn in Rochester, NY


I’m Fawndolyn. I draw stuff, and make buttons and jewelry and
accessories and things. I have a website and an online store and a
deviantart, but http://diello.tumblr.com probably gets updated more
than anything else at the moment.

The Old Toad, located at 277 Alexander St. in the East End
of Rochester NY, has all the flair of a British pub, from the menu,
the ales, even the staff themselves are all from Great Britain.  The
atmosphere is ideal for those who come for the people.  You won’t find
any televisions hanging off the walls, and no music blaring so loud
you can’t hear your server’s handsome accent.  Everyone gets along,
everyone is happy to see you.  Of course the beer hails from further
than just across the pond, but I dare you to find a better Shepard’s
Pie (traditional and vegetarian) in Rochester.

I can’t remember my first time to the Toad , but my first real
discovery came on a cold winter’s night last year when my friends invited me out to the Old Toad Trivia Night.  It’s a five minute walk from my house, so nothing stopped me from getting my brain and beer on every week.  You can hardly find an open seat these nights, unless you show up anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour early.  I eventually had to resort to making reservations.

With these trivia buddies, I discovered a variety of new-to-me beers and ciders.  I discovered my taste buds have changed since I last
tried many foods and drinks.  Stouts were suddenly amazing, and malt
vinegar – VINEGAR of all things, tastes bloody amazing on chips.

My favourite part of The Old Toad is when they open up hot mead
season in the dead of winter.  That and winning the Beer Question: the
shout-out-the-answer bit of trivia they have 3 times a game.  You win
what you drink, and for me, it’s usually a nice cool Crispin Original.
Victory tastes like cider.

Attached is a picture of me and my trivia buddies celebrating the Toad’s
birthday (free cake and champagne!).

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