The World Atlas of Beer


Imagine my surprise on Wednesday when, after a long first day back at the office and deciding on heading to my favourite after work pub Barhop, that it turns out there was a book signing going on for Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb‘s highly anticipated new book The World Atlas of Beer.

The book, which is made up of two sections, one devoted to the nature of brewing and the other the world of beer, is an amazing read so far that goes in to the process of making beers, differences on styles, tasting notes on local styles from around the world and the individual scenes in each country. It really is a joy to both sit down and read from the start and to flip through.

It was also a great pleasure to meet Mssrs. Beaumont and Webb to chat beer and some of our favourite places with them (I have a coaster with a number of NYC bar suggestions from them and they’ve noted my suggestion of Bangers & Lace in Chicago [thanks again, Corben for taking us there!]). And I got a wonderful signing from them;

“To The Thirsy Wench [sic], May this spur the start of years of beer travels!” – Stephen Beaumont
“But remember, only one country at a time and no more than a gallon per session.” – Tim Webb

I look forward to reading this book.

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  1. stephenbeaumont says:

    I owe you a “t”, apparently. Enjoy NYC!

    1. Robin says:

      Hahaha discovered that on my way home. I’ll get it from you next time.

      Great to finally meet you!

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