International Women’s Day


So today is International Women’s Day. Although it’s something we should be doing all year-round anyways, this day in particular allows us to look at and honour all of the females that are extremely important to us and have been, in their own amazing ways, making a hell of a dent in things.

For the beer world…there’s still some work to do. But we know that. We’re getting better. We’re getting so significantly, amazingly better, but we still have some work to do. And not just on women. People of colour, LGBT folk…quite a lot of groups that are feeling pretty marginalized. These are all pretty damn key demographics. I recognize that there’s no outright way to advertise to each of these groups without coming off as a MASSIVE generalizing asshat, but in the meantime little things, sponsoring marches, pouring beer at events held by a female game developer groups (tip of the hat to Liberty Village Brewing Company, who I just discovered is doing this​), and just being there with the welcome sign and refusing to support the people on the wrong side of history…these seemingly small differences matter.

For women in beer, I feel that we seem to pull out the usual historical facts. Beer brewing was women’s work. It was primarily a woman’s job (part of cooking). The Sumerians worshipped a GODDESS of beer, Ninkasi, with which a prayer to her is the first recorded recipe in human civilization. This history is amazing to note. It’s a wonderful look back on how much of a dent women made in the world’s existence.

But just like any other industry or interest group, we don’t need to justify our love of something, or our very presence, with historical tidbits. Never did. We love it, and that’s that. A woman wanting to get involved in anything she loves should be celebrated as someone following their dreams and making it work, not be made big news with headlines of confusion because only men love this thing. The latter is absolute nonsense and the sooner we’re away from that line of thinking the better.

So I for one am going to raise a glass to all of the important women in my life. All the brewers, reps, writers, game devs, game players, comic creators, office workers, chefs, racers, fighters…all of you, who are perfectly comfortable with standing up and saying “I don’t care what you think, I like it”.


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  1. Paul says:

    when is international white male day! *sarcasm*

    1. Robin says:

      Haha not white, but International Men’s Day is November 19th. 😛

      1. Paul says:

        every day should be a celebration of man and his many achievements

  2. Paul says:

    Reblogged this on All hail the ale and commented:
    i was contemplating doing a piece on international women but having a penis means that my machinations on women history will often go unnoticed, so here i give you an actually women, and as a result is far more qualified to talk about the plight of women. this coupled with the fact that its both well written and insight means its gets the bailey thumbs up.

  3. Completely agree! I love reading about the history of women in beer, but I don’t need history to tell me how awesome beer is– I like it! I like all beer types, as long as they’re well made. (I notice a lot of men try to say things like “Oh, I’m really into IPAs, typical PNW guy, right?” and I’m like, “After I drink this stout and that fruit beer, I will drink that IPA you’re having. Deal with it.”)

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